Classes & Seminars


‘Sniffer Dog’ is a fabulous class for any dog and handler requiring no prior learning as the dogs are doing what comings naturally “sniffing”.  Incorporating nose work into our dogs lives enriches and stimulates them. These classes are run in the Newcastle area. This is a fun scenting and hunting activity that’s easy to learn, and helps build confidence and focus in a safe environment.  It provides mental stimulation and physical exercise for your dog while they hunt for those elusive treats hidden in boxes. As your dog gains confidence they progress to finding treats in a room filled with boxes, exterior areas, vehicles and then move onto the real challenge – detecting odours!

This class is suitable for all dogs, including reactive (human and dog), shy and anxious dogs, elderly dogs and dogs with physical limitations (blind, deaf, limb loss).

DURATION:         Approx 45 minutes

VENUE:               Adamstown Public School

COST:                  $160 for 4 sessions

DATES:               Classes for 2020 to be announced! ON HOLD FOR COVID-19

If you are interested please contact


Have you had a bad experience at a dog park? Want to find out more about how your dog plays and how to select suitable playmates? Our Adult Dog Playgroup classes can help you understand more about dog play styles, body language, signs of good play and when to interrupt play. 

We run a small group of 4 to 6 dogs in these playgroups with two qualified trainers directing and supervising.  Safety is a priority. 

These classes are run as on educational basis teaching owners to read their dog’s body language and the body language of other dogs. 

We also work on recalling dogs when other dogs are around, and focusing on you when in the presence of other dogs. 

Dogs will be worked both on and off leash depending on behaviour and suitability.

DURATION: 45 minutes

VENUE: Adamstown Public School

COST: $200 for 4 sessions

DATES: Classes for 2020 to be announced! ON HOLD FOR COVID-19

If you are interested please contact