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Dealing with a dog obedience or behavioural issues can be emotionally draining and stressful. After all, your pet is supposed to give you joy, just as you should be enhancing his life. You may have put up with it for a while, but maybe now you are at breaking point. Perhaps you are considering giving your dog up, despite the fact it will break your heart.Even the less extreme challenges can become tiresome over time. Perhaps your dog jumping up all the time, or barking incessantly, or pulling on the lead is driving you crazy. Perhaps he doesn’t come back when you call. Or maybe he destroys all your favourite shoes. Whatever the issue, we can help.Talk to the professionals. In our own lives if we have issues, we seek out expert help. Your dog deserves the same respect. It’s time to start enjoying each other’s company again.

Our services

Our dog training service, based in Newcastle, NSW is tailored to you, as each situation is different. We visit you at home, so we can fully appreciate the nature of the challenge with no conflicting distractions to your dog. By offering in home consultations dog and puppy training generally progresses quicker, as they feel less threatened and more relaxed. This goes for the handlers too!

We work not just with the dog, but hand-in-hand with you, their handler. We guide you into working directly with your dog, so your dog responds to you. We are working on creating the perfect partnership.

We work with a variety of dog training issues from jumping, barking and destructive dogs and are also happy to work with rescue dogs, which sometimes arrive with extra emotional baggage.

Our team

Here at Jigsaw Dog Training and Behaviour Consultancy we can help. With our certified trainer who has handled many different breeds and problems, and has gained valuable and creditable experience working with dogs with issues such aggression, obedience, barking, escaping, wandering, jumping and general behaviour issues.

We take immense pride from helping you have the dog-based lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Whether basic obedience training or more advanced training from frolicking on the beach with no lead, knowing he comes as soon as you call, to not having to warn your friends whenever they came calling (perhaps they have stopped calling by now?) we can help.

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