About Us

Jigsaw Dog Training & Behaviour Consultancy aka Jigsaw Dogs, is owned and managed by Margaret Keast.  Her love of animals, and dogs in particular, began at an early age when Margaret grew up with a selection of cocker spaniels.

This love pushed her into seeking holiday and weekend work as a vet nurse, where she assisted with many different dogs with different ailments. It was at this time she began to notice how dogs exhibit personality, temperaments, and behavioural traits and she became fascinated with studying their individual behaviour.

This background was the driving force in her decision to later undertake study with the National Dog Trainers Federation, gaining her Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training, with additional study through NDTF in Assistance Dog Training.

Margaret lives with her two koolies and has competed in ANKC events including tracking, obedience, and agility.  She has a passion for dogs using their nose and loves to get her dogs searching for “lost” items at home.

Her list of dog training techniques and experiences is extensive and includes:

  • puppy training
  • dog obedience training
  • behavioural modification and problem solving
  • functional assessment
  • clicker training (dogs, cats, chickens & horses)
  • rescue dogs (10 years experience)
  • puppy temperament testing
  • off leash training
  • tracking training
  • assistance dog training
  • working with cats and dogs for TV and film work
  • kennel work

In order to keep abreast of new scientific breakthroughs and techniques, Margaret regularly undertakes professional development and education courses delivered by internationally recognised experts and educators.  She keeps up-to-date with all the latest literature and training methodology so she can offer you the best service possible.  Margaret is also currently studying an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Qualifications matter, but Margaret also possesses a wealth of experience.  Couple these qualifications and experience with her sensitivity and compassion and this gives her the edge.  Margaret upholds her philosophy with every partnership she works with; patience, kindness and understanding is key to all solutions.